In Search of the Best Solar Filters

In Search of the Best Solar Filters


Looking at the sun without protection is a bad idea, and solar filters are essential for safe viewing. However, there is no need to spend a lot of money when you check out equipment for the upcoming total solar eclipse. In fact, Eclipse Glasses has affordable solutions which look great and provide all the protection you need. Here are some of the good things these products have to offer.

Safe and Sturdy Eclipse Glasses

All of our sturdy glasses are tested independently, and they are ISO certified, which means they have been manufactured and tested under the most stringent of quality control standards. In addition, our viewers are also CE certified to meet specific European manufacturing standards.

Hand Held Eclipse Viewers

Our hand-held solar eclipse viewers are a great option for protecting your eyes during the eclipse. They are very inexpensive and can be custom printed. As the 2017 total solar eclipse nears, 3-by-5-inch eclipse viewers could be the perfect promotional item.

Plastic Eclipse Viewers

Normal sunglasses are not very good solar filters and offer little to no protection against harmful UV light. However, it's possible to have your own eclipse viewers which look just like standard sunglasses. They are designed for people looking for a little more class, and quality, and come in their own special scratch-resistant bag.

Why Buy Your Eclipse Viewers Online?

Online shopping for viewers is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to shop. Perhaps you plan to have a special gathering, or an eclipse party in 2017. This is becoming a very popular idea. All you have to do is go online to Eclipse Glasses and place your order for 25 pairs, or more. The cost is less than one dollar per pair.

You might have a busy schedule, and shopping for the right viewers may be almost impossible during normal business hours. This is no problem when you use a trusted online supplier like Eclipse Glasses. You only need to visit the website. When you find you want, you can place you order, and make your payment over a secure server. This ensures your personal and financial information remains safe and secure. Finding the right solar filters is easy when you shop with us!

Learn More about the Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse

Would you like to know more about solar eclipse? How about some fun solar eclipse facts you can share with friends, and family? Maybe you would like interactive diagrams and maps on this special event. All these things,, and more are available in our 32-page booklet entitled "Get Eclipsed: The Complete Guide to the American Eclipse". Happy viewing!

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