Witness the Awesome Power of Nature with Plastic Eclipse Glasses

Witness the Awesome Power of Nature with Plastic Eclipse Glasses


All NEW Plastic Safe Solar Viewers. Be Safe- Look Good!


Humans have always been fascinated by astronomy. Since the dawn of history, people have marveled at the heavens, especially when unusual events occur in the sky. Just such an event will occur in August of 2017, when there will be a spectacular total solar eclipse visible in the United States! Scientists are estimating that it will be the most-viewed scientific event of the modern times. Millions of people are eager to watch it in person. If you plan on viewing the eclipse, your eyes will need protection. Be prepared: protect them in style with our plastic eclipse glasses.

Why Are Plastic Eclipse Glasses Needed?
It is not safe to stare at the sun because of its intense brightness, and harmful rays. The danger is no less during the partial stages of an eclipse. Only when the eclipse is at its peak, with only the sun’s brilliantly white corona radiating from behind the black moon, is safe to view without protection. While the moon is only partially covering the sun, you absolutely need to wear eye protection. Our plastic eclipse glasses provide the protection necessary to enjoy the eclipse safely- while looking great at the same time!

How Plastic Eclipse Glasses Can Protect Your Eyes
There are a few different types of eclipse-viewing glasses you can choose from, but plastic ones are especially stylish looking. In fact, they are designed to look like the sunglasses you wear on a daily basis. They are also durable, and are constructed to last a long time. Our plastic eclipse glasses are powerful enough to keep all the harmful rays of the sun, and most of the intense light, away from your eyes. The lenses not only have extremely effective filters, they are also scratch resistant to provide you a crisp, clear image. With our plastic eclipse glasses you can rest assured you will not miss any of this breathtaking event.

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  • Jason Lewin