Getting Ready for an Eclipse Party

Getting Ready for an Eclipse Party


How to best prep for an eclipse event!

A solar eclipse is a rare event that everyone should see at least once in a lifetime. A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, and the moon fully or partially blocks the sun. There are generally between two and five eclipses each year, depending upon the lunar calendar. Most are partial eclipses, but if you’re lucky a full solar eclipse might pass near you.

Such phenomenon generates a lot of buzz, causing people to plan parties and viewing events around it. In the past, some cultures associated an eclipse with something supernatural or occult, often associating these with being a bad omen. Today, however, they can be cause for celebration.

2017 will bring a total solar eclipse, viewable from the United States, on August 21. Why not plan an eclipse party to enjoy the event with your friends? This is a party theme that works for all ages, and you've plenty of time to plan ahead.

  1. Mark the date – Check the lunar calendar to see when you'll be best able to view the eclipse where you live. Then, schedule your party accordingly. You can create unique astronomy themed invitations, either for mailing or by using an online invitation site.
  2. Plan for fun food. Make appetizers in the shape of crescent moons, put out a platter of cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and serve Moon Pies for Dessert.
  3. Don't forget eclipse eye protection. Looking directly at the sun without the right protection is not safe, so you'll want to provide eclipse eye protection for all your guests. Check out all the great designs you can find on our website. You can even have your eye protection customized!
  4. Create a playlist. Every party needs great music, so spend some time coming up with an appropriately themed playlist for your party. Don't forget songs like "Moon Shadow", "Fly Me to the Moon", "Total Eclipse of the Heart", "Eclipse" and "Moon Dance".

An eclipse party is a unique way to celebrate an event few people see more than once in a lifetime. Make a plan, invite some friends, and don't let this year's eclipses pass you by. It's sure to be an event that everyone will remember!

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  • Jason Lewin