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Solar Eclipse Glasses: Your Safe View Of The Sun

Picture it. The sun rises high into the sky. It meets the moon and begins to fade away, disappearing behind it as the world is blanketed in an eerie twilight. It is August 2017. Are you prepared to safely view this phenomenon? Will you be able to glance upwards without causing harm to your eyes? Have you purchased your solar eclipse glasses?

  • Jason Lewin

Where To Buy Eclipse Glasses

Step up to the place where we can make it happen for you, your family and friends in 2017. On this day, a solar eclipse will take place. It will be the first to occur over the United States since 1979. Yet, on that day some 38 years ago, not everyone could see it across America. This is not true for the upcoming eclipse. Those who won’t be able to see it will be those who did not know where to buy eclipse glasses.

  • Jason Lewin